Other Publications


Rachel Carson at Woods Hole, Massachusetts Marine Biological Laboratory, 1929” in The Hopper

Losing Ground” and “Instead of Crying, She Shovels Mud” in About Place Journal

Rachel Carson’s Ghost” in Lime Hawk

The Swallow Experiment, MIT, 1870” in Rise Up Review

Biophilia” in Rogue Agent

End of the Road” in Canary

The Death of Rachel Carson–April 14, 1964” in Canary

Politicians Discussing Global Warming” in New Verse News

Almonds” in Diverse Voices Quarterly

Survivors” in Diverse Voices Quarterly

Pollyanna’s Pain” in So to Speak: Feminist Journal of Language and Art

Temperance” in Spittoon

I Brew for You” in Poetic Diversity

Circadian Rhythms,” and “Irregular Heartbeat” in Quiddity International Literary Journal

Sleep Lab Dreams,” “The Arms of Guanyin,” and “Earthing” in Connotation Press: An Online Artifact

The Surface of Saturn” in The New Poet

The Naturopath” in Hospital Drive

Dark Chocolate”  &  “Research Before Google” in The Citron Review

Whole Daughter,” “Infection,” “The Soup Peddler,” “The Hospital,” and “The Torchbearers” in AEQAI

Poem With a Backbone In It” & “Forgive the Rest” in Souvenir



“Witnessing” in Conclave: A Journal of Character   

Vitamin J in Journal of Microliterature

Snickering Girls and Other Atrocities in Rose Red Review

Fumeral in Journal of Microliterature

America Starts Here in Gadfly Online

The Peace Guru in Postcard Shorts


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